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Why choose a prime time Puppy?

Here at Prime Time Bernedoodle's, all of our dogs are genetically tested through embark genetics. This testing goes three generations back, and assures you that you will be getting a healthy puppy. All of our puppies come home with a certified health certificate from the vet, microchipped, 2 year health guarantee from us, as well as a puppy blanket with mom and littermates scent, their favorite toy, baggie of kibble, and some other goodies. We start early neurological/scent sensory stimulation training and other training exercises like exposure activities, handling activities, potty training, crate training & so forth through a published  puppy developmental curriculum, called puppy culture & Bad Ass Breeder. Our puppies do great on these little exercises and tests. We’ve had a few be recruited to be full service and ESA therapy dogs in the past and three out our most recent litter. We shape our puppies to be well rounded, and to have the best tempermeant.

  1. We give around the clock care to all of our puppies, making sure all are receiving the proper nutrition. 

  • ​​Longevity of Breeding Program. While many of our competitors are just getting started in this business, we have been around a long time. We began breeding Australian Labradoodles in 2003 and added Bernedoodles in 2013. That speaks volumes about our success.

  1. Genetically Superior Puppies. We have the highest standards for raising exceptionally healthy puppies. All of our breeding dogs are tested through Embark to ensure only the highest quality genetics are passed on to our puppies. It is an investment that every breeder should make as you cannot better the breed or raise exceptional puppies without doing so.

  2. Commitment to Continuing Education. We are constantly striving to increase our knowledge about the breeding industry. One of the ways we do this is by attending annual Breeder’s Conferences. It is during these conferences we learn about the latest research in our field, from the nation’s leading reproductive veterinarians.

  3. Lifetime Support. At Prime Time Bernedoodles, we pride ourselves on always being there for our customers. We do this by providing a lifetime of support for our customers and their puppies. We are only a phone call away, whether it is a question about training or caring for their new puppy, or a concern they might have years down the road.

  4. Two-Year Health Guarantee. We stand behind our puppies by offering one of the longest health guarantees of any breeding program. We can do this because we have the utmost confidence in the quality of the dogs we are producing.

Prime Time Bernedoodles

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